Take a list of restaurants in Bangalore that offer best biryanis at a low price.

Meghana Foods (4.3 Rating)

Meghana, meaning rain, is a restaurant that was started in the year 2006, at Koramangala, Bengaluru with the intention of serving authentic Andhra style food, using quality ingredients and the pure passion and love for what we do. Since its humble opening a decade back, Meghana is honored to have spread across five branches in the city and is raring to cover all corners in the years to come. Meghana is proud to be a favorite among all kinds of masses which range from corporate people and college-going students in the afternoons to families and singletons at dinner time.

Donne Biryani (3.9 Rating)

Donne Biryani is very famous in Bangalore.”Donne” means big sized cups /bowls made from areca nut palm leaf . These are eco friendly disposable plates and cups. As Biryani will be served on these plates/bowls it is popularly known as “Donne Biryani”.Unlike authentic Biryani, this biryani is not layered nor cooked in dum.This is very similar to preparing any Pulao but its cooked with mutton/chicken stock

Hotel Empire (3.9 Rating)

Back in 1966, Mr. Abdul Rahim Haji, armed with a strong background in the catering business, came to India from Malaysia. He opened the first Empire Restaurant in a small alley in Shivajinagar, Bangalore, which humbly served healthy & authentic recipes, alongside the newspaper and early morning banter. His eager customers just came by for a hot, steaming cuppa chai, or even ‘Haji’s Kappa and Mutton’ for breakfast! Here was a man with not only a passion for food but also a keen business sense.

Mani’s Dum Biryani (4.1 Rating)

Our exclusive small portion Biryani cooking process ensures that you are served a Biryani that tastes great, is fresh and leaves you satisfied everytime you visit us or order from us. We serve the meat/veggie portions that you desire the most (e.g. Our Chicken Biryani is served with a leg piece guaranteed). We also cook our Veg Biryani separately using 100% pure Vegetarian ingredients.

Kritunga Restaurant (3.9 Rating)

Paradise Biryani (4 Rating)

Beginning as a modest café in 1953, Paradise has grown into one of the most-admired restaurant chains in the country today – a testament to our committed pursuit of culinary and service excellence. A permanent fixture on Hyderabad’s cultural scene, people consider a trip to the city incomplete without a visit to this iconic place that serves the best Biryani. Our award-winning cuisine is loved for its purity and taste, true in every mouthful to its royal origins. Over the last four years, Paradise won the hearts of guests in Bengaluru, Chennai, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Gurugram by opening several successful Outlets.


*Note all above ratings are taken from swiggy


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